Valley mosques fight male 'indecency' of low-rise jeans

  • Peerzada Ashiq, Hindustan Times, Srinagar
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  • Updated: Jul 11, 2013 18:04 IST

This Ramzan, the Kashmir valley mosques are fighting the male 'indecency'. Youth wearing low-waist and low-rise jeans have the mosques authorities and devotees up in arms.

"When a boy wearing low-waist jeans bows for prayers in a mosque, it reveals its back. This goes against Islamic tehzeeb (culture). Islam stresses on seriousness towards its tenets and not such carelessness. It looks very odd when such people join prayers in the rows,"said Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman Zahid Ali.

Ramzan, the ninth month of Islamic calendar where the Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days, started in Kashmir on Thursday.

Since the morning, the valley mosques witnessed unprecedented rush of devotees. Many mosque authorities have come up with tented accommodations to cater to the huge rush.

However, low-rise jeans wearing devotees have become "a source of eyesore"for many. "It distracts a devotee in the row behind. Islam dislikes such indecent nakedness in mosques. Pardah (veiling) of satr (body parts from waist to ankles) is a must,"said Ghulam Rasool Malik of the Jamiat Ahle-Hadees.

Many religious groups have started campaign against wearing low-rise jeans to mosques, which at times reveals butt and cleavage too.

Srinagar's darul-alooms (seminaries) have started online campaigns on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, asking mosque-goers to avoid wearing revealing jeans for prayers."Low-rise jeans are haram (prohibited) in a mosque. A nimaaz (prayer) remains incomplete in such revealing clothes. Allah dislikes it,"said Ghulam Rasool Hami, head of the Carvan-e-Islami.

Priests are mulling to address the problem through sermons too. "We will raise awareness against such indecent male dresses in mosques in our sermons,"said Hami.

According to Islamic tenets, such revealing clothes impure ablutions meant for prayers. "Any low-waist jeans wearing devotee has to perform ablutions again if his dress reveals his body parts,"said Malik.

The month of Ramzan has infused a festive mood in the Valley with most people keeping themselves busy with prayers all day, seeking forgiveness and repentance for their sins.




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