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15 hilarious social media-approved April Fool's Day pranks

india Updated: Apr 01, 2015 17:17 IST
Sanya Panwar
Sanya Panwar
Hindustan Times
April Fool's Day


It's April Fool's Day! And cheeky fellas around the globe (more like folks on Reddit, Instagram and Tumblr) are doing their utmost to pull the wool over each others eyes.

Now, April 1 has always provided much hilarity with pranksters showing off their sleuthing style with extreme or easy breezy (sometimes geeky) pranks that confuse the heck out of co-workers, friends, significant others, parents -- you name it. But it's the wacky world of the internet that is king when it comes to April Fool's, with photos, memes, GIFs and videos springing up anywhere and everywhere to laugh-out-loud effect.

And because there's nothing better to get the creative juices flowing than an all-out prank war on this day and because it gives you the perfect chance to pull off an epic, unforgettable prank, we put together a list of some of the best April Fool's Day pranks that caught our eye on social media. (P.S: We pulled off or bore the brunt of a few of these ourselves.)

That said, we know not everyone is looking for a prank war, so we are focusing more on small-scale pranks you can pull off in the office or at home. We fully support trying one of these out -- just make sure you're prepared to face the retaliation...


1 Grow a garden in your co-worker's keyboard. The war is SO on!
Source: Instagram user gistiger

2 This is perfect to annoy that one 'annoying' person at work.

3 Perfect comeback!


4 Dust Legos with flour so they look like candy. Bon appetit! *Eeeeeee*
Source: Reddit user buskey

5 Yes, it's creepy. But, then again, that's the point.

6 Simple and effective. Also, this will give you something to talk about over dinner or packing school lunches.


7 How about decorating a colleague's work station with post-its? Elaborate, yes. But totally worth it!
Source: Instagram user heart__linesDanielle emoji

8 We just hope your boss falls for it!

9 This should work well with someone who's not the brightest crayon in the box.


10 Hack the printer to say something funny. Time to wear your geeky cap proudly.
Source: Reddit user tolomon

11 Our counter prank: Convince a friend to do that. THEN switch the pudding back to mayo before they execute the prank.

12 Confusing.


13 Nicolas Cage-ify the photocopy machine. *Hair-raising*
Source: Reddit user another_new_username

14 Just know: It could get frustrating when you or your victim eventually have to change it back.


15 Now, we don't mean a girl in your bed!

ALSO... Memes that stole our mind...


* We feel you Keanu Reeves. We do.
Source: Instagram usertherhetoriksThe Rhetoriks


* You read our mind, sister!
Source: Instagram user rosie_crz

Ready for the best April Fools' Day ever?