5 nail trends to make sure you stay glam head-to-toe on your big day

  • Sanya Goel, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Dec 04, 2014 14:01 IST

It’s every girl’s wish to have the wedding of her dreams. Between choosing matching bangles and ensuring your mehendi is dark enough, don’t forget to polish some love on your nails. With everyone wanting a glimpse of your wedding ring, you need to pay attention to your nails so that they don’t drag your whole outfit down. With myriad nail trends to choose from, it’s easy for any bride to get lost on her quest to get the perfect wedding nails. Fret not — we’ve got you covered. Here are five nail trends to make sure you stay glam head-to-toe on your big day.

1 The twisted classics
While classic French manicures and nude pinks remain timelessly chic, experiment with metallic tips, stencil cut-outs, glitter and cascading ombre to match the shimmer on your ensemble.

2 Bijoux Box
Accent your nails with jewels that compliment the embellishments on your outfit. Half moons, reverse styles or full shine — take your pick for some serious bedazzling that comes second only to the shiny rock on your finger!

3 One for the groom
Give your soon-to-be husband a sweet surprise and paint his tuxedo (or sherwani) on your nails. You can also go for a nail-wrap with a bride-groom motif over French tips, for a unique twist.

4 Paint a parody
Holographic and ombre nails, when done in contrasting colours will not just help you sail fashionably through your wedding functions, but also take care of the many rituals and celebrations that follow.

5 Clash of the textures
Think lace, brocade, velvet or any other fabric you may have on your lehenga, and replicate it on your nails. You can choose between impressions that are minimally chic or go all out with 3D textured styles.

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