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8 veggies to help you get fit and fabulous before your wedding day

india Updated: Dec 01, 2014 15:54 IST
Arpita Kala
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Want to have that lovely glow on your face to compliment your beautiful bridal attire? Then, indulge in the nature’s finest manna to cleanse your system. What you eat, you become— this age-old adage holds true especially for the to-be brides during the hectic run-up to the D-day. Not only as healthy munchies, fruits and veggies also double-up as your go-to quick fix for beauty woes.

So, get your hands on these healthy goodies and also include them in your bridal beauty routine to get the most out of them. Here are a few of our favourite colourful veggies to help you get fit and fabulous before your wedding day!


Outfit: Gaurav Gupta, styling: Shara Ashraf, photo: Raajessh Kashyap

1 Ban the sun tan
Here’s an easy way to lighten your skin. Just whip up banana, lemon and honey together to make an instant skin lightening face mask. Wedding festivities sapping you of energy? Loaded with vitamins and touted to be ‘nature’s botox,’ just keep munching on bananas for a healthy and instant energy boost that will keep you full, too.

2 Hydrate naturally
Moisturise your skin naturally by applying a mash of papaya and malai. Keep it on for 15 minutes and wash off for smooth skin. Eating papaya regularly will purify your blood, resulting in clear skin. It’s low sodium quality will help you keep your skin hydrated. A dollop of mashed papaya is also an antidote for acne or blemishes.

3 Boost your immunity
Want to stave off the pesky common cold and other ailments before the D-day? Then, just sip on antioxidant rich pomegranate juice to boost your immunity. A facepack of mashed pomegranate seeds mixed with yoghurt promotes collagen and elastin production, resulting in firm and smooth skin.

4 Oily no more
A Holy Grail product for those with oily skin, apply a facepack of turmeric and sandalwood powder to control oil and zits. If stretch marks are marring your bridal beauty, apply a mixture of besan, turmeric and yoghurt/raw milk/ water on the spot. Downing a glass of milk with a pinch of this golden spice before bedtime is a healthy habit, too.



5 Go green
Loaded with vitamins B, C and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, spinach should be the mainstay in your diet and beauty regime for healthy hair. Put spinach, honey and olive oil in a blender and apply this hair mask for an hour. Then, wash off with regular shampoo. Repeat this routine every week.

6 For gilded glow
This thick, sweet, golden syrup is loaded with carbohydrates and is an ideal moisturiser for your hair. Mix 1 tsp of honey and lemon juice into 1 mug of warm water. Use this rinse after shampooing your hair and dry naturally. This also doubles up as a stress-buster. Just drink a cup of honey and milk to induce a good night’s beauty sleep.

7 Juice it right
As your wedding date draws nearer, try not to skip meals owing to your busy schedule. Just sip on vegetable and fruit juices to cash on the nutritious benefits. Although, switch the added sugar with honey and add a little flavour with lemon for a delicious yet healthy treat.

8 Kiss from a rose
Here’s the perfect way to use the roses gifted by your beloved! An ideal anti-inflammatory, make a calming rose face mask by soaking the petals in 3-4 tbsp of water for 2-3 hours. Then, mash the petals with the water and add 3 tbsp of honey. Mix well, and apply. For instant stress-busting, add a few drops of rose water to your bath water.