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A happy, welcoming living room

The ideal living room or lounge for a happy family should be comfortable and welcoming.

india Updated: Jan 08, 2010 20:38 IST
Raman Datta

The ideal living room or lounge for a happy family should be comfortable and welcoming. It is the place to relax and to be comfortable. Those who live within the house and also those who visit should feel that this room is an extension of the personality of the occupants.

Because the living room is the social centre of the house, it should be designed with unity in mind. As per vaastu, the living room should be located in the north, east, west or northwest of the house. The north is guarded by Kuber, the god of wealth, whose presence in a room creates an auspicious ambience. West and north-west living rooms receive the rays of the setting sun as most of us spend our evening here.

Traditionally, the best arrangement for living room furniture is one in which there are no sharp protuberance. Try to avoid L-shaped arrangements of chairs and sofas, as well as L-rooms and L-shaped house — these shapes are incomplete and leave a missing corner. The furniture may be arranged in a circular, square or octagonal fashion, but keeping in mind that the backs of chairs and the sofa are not facing the front door. Here are suggestions for an ideal living room:

Entering the living room should provide a feeling of comfort and security. It is a buffer area between you and the outside world.

The living room should be located at the front area of the house, right behind the main door, so that as soon as people enter the house, they are in the living area.

It must be kept clean, bright, well ventilated, comfortable and spacious. This is the least private area of the house and is supposed to be shared with friends and visitors.

The living room should be bigger than any other room in the house as the family tends to gather and relax. n The furniture should be arranged such that there’s enough space for movement of the family members.

Avoid placing chairs or sofas under any overhead beams. If you can’t avoid beams, attach Ch’i conductors like flutes to the beams to allow disturbed Ch’i concentrations to drain harmlessly away.

The ceiling should not be too high or too low. High ceilings reduce the sense of safety while low ceilings create a sense of oppression.

A nice square or rectangular living room is best, as there is nowhere for Ch’i to collect and stagnate. If your living room is built in an odd shape, put a plant in the odd shaped end in order to liven it up and to prevent stale Ch’i from gathering. Try to avoid sitting with your back to the door, as this will make you feel insecure.

A water feature in your house can be an extremely valuable asset, especially if it is placed in the north, east or north-east section. Fresh, clean, sparkling water is symbolic of good health, good Ch’i, good cash flow and a lack of stagnation in your career. Any kind of water feature — an aquarium or water fountain, for example — within your living room needs to be proportionate in size to the room that it is in.

The living room should not be on a higher level than the dining room or kitchen. This is because it is the room used for entertaining visitors. If the living room is higher, the Ch’i from the house will flow to the visitors rather than the people who live in the house. A single level floor creates and contains much more ch’i than a split-level floor.