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A historian or politician?

india Updated: Jun 22, 2008 19:40 IST
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A historian or politician?
Ramachandra Guha’s article The original Hindu Rashtra (June 18) is a blatant attempt to distort historical events to malign the image of the RSS.

He mocks the Sangh in total disregard to Golwalkar’s efforts to wean away Kathmandu from Chinese influence in the wake of the Sino-Indian border war. The invitation to King Mahendra to preside over an RSS function in Nagpur was part of the strategy to strengthen Nepal’s historical, religious and cultural ties with India.

How the Congress government at the Centre scuttled the move is another sad story of sacrificing national interests at the altar of perceived partisan interests. Guha is entitled to celebrate the Maoist victory in Nepal. What is distressing is that he failed to provide the readers with a historical perspective of the developments in the 60s. From his article, he emerges more as a prejudiced politician than a historian.
Shyam Khosla, Delhi

A law unto themselves
Apropos of the editorial Write a letter, shut the book (June 20), our society prefers to take up the question of freedom of expression selectively. Its sense of morality and cultural dignity get offended by the works of a Salman Rushdie, a Taslima Nasreen, an Ashis Nandy, a Shevkani or a MF Husain.

But it is not outraged when Raj Thackeray threatens the Biharis and UPites with expulsion from Maharashtra, or when Bal Thackeray calls upon his Shiv Sainiks to form suicide squads against Muslims. What form of democracy are we helping to shape and what exactly are we proud of?
Ved Guliani, Hissar

Bal Thackeray’s idea of creating Hindu suicide squads is obnoxious and aimed at cheap and perverse popularity.

Thackeray seems to be above the law and the Constitution of India. What other genuine reason does the government have for not bringing him to justice? Earlier too, no action was taken against his nephew Raj in spite of his wreaking havoc against north Indians. Various state governments in Maharashtra have proved that they have no teeth to act against the Thackerays in spite of the fact that most of their public speeches are incendiary and against the laws of the land.
Sandeep Ghiya, Mumbai

Wheels within deals
Apropos of the report Cong gets allies’ support on N-deal (June 20), if nuclear deal is so beneficial to our country, then why has there been so much delay in pushing it through? Is the country’s interest is being sacrificed for the longevity of the UPA government? People are aware that political parties prefer their interest over that of the nation, but that will change only when our majority comes to understand their wily ways. We have to wait for that day.
SP Ashta, Delhi