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A most unsporting gesture

india Updated: Oct 09, 2009 14:32 IST
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A most unsporting gesture Musharraf

Pratik Kanjilal’s article Why we are so Olympicky (August 9) is a poor satire at the expense of Indian sportspersons competing at the Beijing Olympics and on Sino-Indian relationships. China’s supremacy as a world power cannot be disputed. But to argue that India’s bad performance will boost the Sino-Indian relationship is far-fetched. India’s performance at the Olympics is indeed poor. But that does not mean that sportspersons should be made fun of.

Saroj Lalwani, Bhopal

We are such poor sports

Prakash Chandra’s suggestions in The great Indian hope trick (August 8) for improving the condition of sports in our country are valuable. I agree with him that poverty is not the reason that India is not performing well at the Olympics. Except for cricket, most people in India don’t take sports seriously. The government should encourage children to take part in other sports as well. In fact, sports policies in India need overhauling to make it possible for budding talent to aim high in international sporting arenas.

Aditya Sanket, Patna

Mush’s painted into a corner

Apropos of the editorial A retirement to make Pakistan work (August 9), it seems Pervez Musharraf’s days are numbered as Nawaz Sharif has managed to convince the Pakistan People’s Party Co-Chairman Asif Zardari to get rid of him. Musharraf needs to find a way out of the crisis. The only tool Musharraf has is Article 58 (2)(b) to sack the Prime Minister. But he would not like to make such a big blunder and tarnish his image further.

Nitin Chaudhary, Mohali

Let’s wait for judgement day

With reference to the report Govt. shelves bill against corrupt judges (August 11), the mechanism in this case is strange enough to directly empower the corrupt to make laws against corruption. It is a case where two different groups of corrupt people have joined hands to make laws for each other. Let the judges be corrupt in their own way and let them be free from any meaningful legal action. And then, maybe we can get on with our lives

Vinod Tyagi, Delhi

Loot and scoot policy

Apropos of the report Babus can keep loot till proved guilty (August 9), India is already ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Most of the politicians and government officials are corrupt. To expect the government to allow investigating agencies to proceed against them is overly optimistic. But does that mean we will let the men at the top of the establishment loot day in and day out and do nothing about it?

D.P. Rawat, Sonepat

Musharraf, please go, go, go

With reference to the editorial A retirement to make Pakistan work (August 9), Pervez Musharraf must consider himself lucky if he can step down gracefully. He is now considered a spent force not only in Pakistan but also in the US. His presence in Pakistan’s political scene will cause more harm to the country. America’s largesse to him to ‘fight terror’ is not going to continue for much longer. The ISI, that supposedly reports to him, is under more pressure than ever. This is the right time for him to go.

Surendra Deo, Delhi