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A response like this: only in India

india Updated: Dec 06, 2008 23:27 IST

Apropos vir Sanghvi’s article We are all Bombayites today (Counterpoint, November 30, 2008), he is absolutely right that what happened in Mumbai, could not have happened anywhere else after 9/11. A clueless administration, a perpetually hostile neighbour and an inept intelligence, makes our country vulnerable. No country in the world would have put up with this. I have a Muslim mother and a Hindu father and I have understood both religions fairly well. What do you think Israel would have done if Hamas had done this to it?

Shaleen, New Delhi


The manner in which our government is dealing with the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack investigations and taking it up with Pakistan is very amateurish. First, there was no need for Pranab Mukherjee to talk of an equivalent response against Pakistan when the investigations had not even taken off. The fact that the LeT was involved based on the captured terrorist’s interrogation should have been kept in wraps. We are walking straight into a trap laid by the terrorists and their mentors. If destabilising relations between India and Pakistan was one of the objectives of the terror attack, the organisers have succeeded to a large measure.

S Kamat, Goa


I strongly believe that the casualties could have been reduced drastically if the Police Commissioner of Mumbai and the DG of Police, Maharastra, had acted promptly. All that was required was to give immediate response by mustering a platoon of about 35 policemen each. They could have kept the armed intruders engaged till the arrival of the NSG.

Baldev Kumar, New Delhi

The squabble among us

Apropos indrajit Hazra’s article, Fighting terror? Whatever (Red Herring, Nov 30), the terror strikes have really shown up our politicians for what they really are. When the NSG operation was going on in all three spots in Mumbai, the BJP published an ad highlighting the inability of the UPA government to combat terror. That was a time when we needed to be united but our leaders simply couldn’t be bothered. We had the spectacle of former Maharastha deputy CM R.R. Patil trying to pass off the attack as a ‘small incident in a big city’. Then we had Kerala CM V.S Achutanandan coming up with an appalling remark about the martyred major Unnikrishnan When will these people ever learn?

Debarjun Kar, via email

The litmus test

The Pakistani media always brags that it is more courageous than the Indian media. Does it have the courage to trace the family of the terrorist who was captured in Mumbai? This should be taken as a test of Pakistani civil society.

Nishit Patel, Mumbai