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A visionary wins

india Updated: Feb 15, 2010 23:39 IST
PP Wangchuk

To be a visionary is to be a victor. Because one with vision has one’s target clear. And clarity of purpose means half the job already done.

Karan Sondhi, author of five inspirational books, quotes Hellen Keller, replying to a query as to which fate was worse than blindness: “ To have sight with no vision”.

In Total Victory, Karan defines a visionary as one who can foresee tomorrow and plans to make a difference. Great men like Gandhi and Lincoln could shape history because their vision made the difference that could get amazing results. Their minds were not confined to day-to-day affairs and problems alone. They could see tomorrow’s welfare in how we behave and work today. They had the vision to sow the seeds so that their successors could have a better future.

The difference between a visionary and an ordinary person is told through a beautiful story.

Two persons offered to supply water to a village hit by water shortage. While the stronger one used buckets, the other supplied water through a pipeline from the source. The former got tired soon and gave up, but the latter could relax and yet earn a lot of money.

One may be in any profession or in no profession at all. To be a visionary, one has to think, act and behave beyond the ordinary ways. One has to dream even if the goal seems hard and difficult to achieve. One must build up one’s personality in a manner that every difficulty that comes in the way turns into an opportunity. Gandhi had nothing but a mere dandi. Yet he was fearless and could challenge a mighty empire. His vision and steely resolve could get us the freedom that we enjoy today.

The point, therefore, is that all great achievements have dreams at their roots. Planning with dogged pursuit is the way to go about. Only then one can step onto the ladder of success.