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Act and be happy

india Updated: Oct 12, 2011 00:22 IST

A school-time story of my childhood goes something like this: A Sanyasi was bathing in the nearby river. It was rainy season and the river was overflowing. Many broken trees and leaves were also flowing in the river.

Suddenly the guru's eyes caught a glimpse of a drowning crab. His compassionate heart immediately decided and the guru plucked the poor crab out of water.

But the crab stuck to its karma of biting, and the stinging pain forced the guru loosen his grip and the crab was back in water. The kind Guru again brought the crab to safety in his bare palm and was bitten again. This continued for some more time before the guru managed to rescue the crab and brought it to safety on the riverside.

The disciples were all angry at this act of the guru and demanded an explanation.

The guru simply smiled and enlightened them. He said that being a human being, "I was more aware of the situation and only I could have brought the crab to safety. It was my dharma which I had an obligation to fulfill. But he was a crab and biting was in its nature. It also stuck to his guns, thereby fulfilling its karma. We both performed our roles to perfection, so there is no scope for your anger. As my disciples, it was natural for you to be concerned for my well-being, so you too have fulfilled your dharma."

It was a moral story and it has stayed with me. The simple lesson imparted here is that all we have to do is to play our part in God's script and all will be fine.

All our actions turn out okay if we act positively and without any malice towards anyone. But that is not the case in most of our actions.

It happens because we are not aware, only awake. This incident narrates the secret to Moksha. Drop your false ego; get rid of your desires and just act. God is there to reward you because our only duty is action, as Gita describes.