After verdict, Salman Khan's family stays strong

  • Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 07, 2015 22:35 IST

From the dismay at the conviction to the relief after he got interim relief, the last 48 hours have been a rough ride for Salman Khan’s family.

With the uncertainty not over – his bail plea will be heard on Friday ­– celebrities have been flocking to Khan’s Bandra house to show support to him and his family.

“The atmosphere at home was very cordial. Everyone seems to have accepted the circumstances and prepared themselves for the better or the worse. The family has been holding it together fine so far, but it’s needless to say, the worry is constant. However, there’s a sense of hope that Salman won’t get sentenced for a period of five years,” a source said.

The family, including Khan, has been greeting every visitor warmly and engaging in conversations with them all, the source said. “Salman was talking to all of his friends who dropped in. He looked extremely exhausted and sleep-deprived, but maintained his composure. He was also aware of the chaos outside his house, but there was hardly anything that could be done about it,” the source said.

Khan’s mother, Salma, has reportedly not been well since May 6. “She was mostly lying down on her bed and talking to people. She was heard saying that whatever may be the outcome, the family will accept it and stay strong. On the other hand, Salim Khan was trying to lighten the atmosphere at home,” the source said.

For most part, the actor was sitting downstairs while his family was up at home. The visitors, HT learnt, made it a point to not discuss anything stressful. “Everyone spoke about usual, regular things and tried to avoid binging up anything sensitive. In fact, everyone took care not to remind Salman or the family about the ongoing social media comments regarding the verdict. They’re happy that their friends and family have shown support,” the source said.

“Everyone from the industry is meeting Salman. He is well loved for all his social work. I went to meet him and his family.”
~ Niketan Madhok, model

“I consider him my younger brother. I met him to show my support as a friend.”
~ Anu Malik, music director

“I do not understand this crucifixion by the media. Nobody is denying that the law will not take its course. I’ve started my career with Salman, and like me, it’s a shock for everyone. We naturally want to show support for someone we’ve known for very long, especially in such trying times. Are we expected to abandon a friend even if he may have done something wrong?”
~Raveena Tandon, actor

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