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Age, no bars

india Updated: May 13, 2008 22:25 IST

Boy, does the Delhi government need some Dutch courage? After making some mature noises about lowering the drinking age from 25 to 21, the extremely sober ladies and gents who form the cabinet of the Delhi government have decided to not let the good genie out of the bottle. That state elections are around the corner is most probably coincidental. But we can’t help but harbour the niggling feeling that considering the most enthusiastic of Delhi’s voters usually come from the quieter, more pious demographic range of ‘non-youngsters’, happy hours can wait for under-21s. So what if they can vote when they turn 18? They don’t really come out in droves.

So while these waiting-to-be-dipsomaniacs can marry earlier, can get killed in a legit manner by joining the armed forces earlier and have perfectly lawful consensual sex, drinking will drive them completely berserk to the point of stopping ‘mature’ citizens from voting.

But what if there was indeed a mass mobilisation of youngsters demanding the lowering of the drinking age in public places? For one can’t quite yet see under-25s being stopped from buying their pints and bottles from the government ‘wine and beer outlets’. And here this Delhi government, if they voted for the Congress you would have surely made 21 years the age for drinking. Hell, you would have brought the drinking age down to 12 or something.