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Airport bomb hoax a techie’s plan to trap lover’s husband: Cops

india Updated: Sep 09, 2015 12:25 IST
Sudipto Mondal
Airport bomb hoax call

MG Gokul, a Bengaluru-based techie has confessed to killing his wife as well as making a hoax call to the city airport. (HT Photo)

Saturday's bomb scare at Delhi and Bengaluru airports that grounded international flights and cost millions of rupees was a two-timing techie’s elaborate decoy to get rid of his lover’s husband, police said.

MG Gokul confessed to making the hoax call and bludgeoning his wife with a metal Ganesh idol after police confronted him with evidence, an officer said on Monday.

Bengaluru police commissioner NS Megharikh said Gokul was first questioned on July 27 when his wife’s body was discovered in their flat in South Bangalore with wounds on her head. The autopsy showed she was hit with a blunt object at least thrice.

Gokul apparently was sleeping in the next room but police let him off the hook as his father-in-law, a retired police officer, cleared him of the crime.

The case would have passed off as suicide until Gokul was caught making the hoax call on Saturday.

Police found that Gokul fell in love with a high school classmate in 2002 and the relationship lasted five years until they graduated from an engineering college in Thrissur, Kerala.

“He then moved to Delhi, she to Thiruchirapally and both got married separately. They reconnected via Facebook in 2011. Gokul’s lover was then living with her husband and two children in Bengaluru. And he was allegedly stuck with his cheating wife in Delhi,” an officer said.

After finding his college sweetheart, Gokul allegedly started planning to kill her husband as well as his own wife.

“When he got a transfer to Bengaluru in January 2014, he moved into building where his former lover was staying with her family. Their love rekindled in no time and they started cheating on their spouses,” the officer said.

He performed a complicated charade through multiple phone numbers he procured through forged documents.

From one such number, he contacted his wife through WhatsApp posing as a godwoman. With another, he posed as an IS terrorist and started sending messages threatening his lover’s husband. And with a third, he posed as a church minister and started advising his lover to divorce her husband.

He got his wife to confess to the “godwoman” that she was having an affair. Later, he showed the WhatsApp confession, which had explicit photos, to his father-in-law and gained his trust.

After he killed his wife on July 27, his focus shifted to his lover’s husband. Gokul bought a fourth SIM card in the other man’s name.

On Saturday, he rang up Delhi and Bengaluru airports posing as an IS terrorist, hoping to put his rival in jail.

What he hadn’t factored in was police would check the location of the mobile towers from where the calls were made. Also, he called his lover from the same number. When police questioned her, she spilled the beans.