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All in the mind

india Updated: Nov 21, 2007 21:17 IST

All in the mind

The tone of Vir Sanghvi’s article Team India (November 21) is truly humanistic. But it is the duty of common masses to spread harmony among people who are vulnerable. We should not depend on hypocrites to make us understand what is in our religion, rather we should try to stick to the scriptures and then examine the words. Those who believe in the Almighty and do good shall have their reward from their Lord and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.

Shadab Husain,

Not in a name

It appears that the launch of old-age pension schemes for senior citizens in the name of Indira Gandhi is a step to secure electoral advantage for the Congress. Similarly, the Rajiv Gandhi fellowships was sponsored by the Ministry of Social Welfare. The government should not forget that it is people’s hard-earned money that funds these schemes and not the dynasty’s wealth. Such schemes should not be named after any politician. The better way to remember them is to follow their ideals.

SNM Kopparty

A heated debate

This has reference to the report Doomsday not far, predicts climate panel (November 18). Climate change is a phenomenon waiting to happen if not presently happening. Reduced energy usage is one way of tackling the impending catastrophe. Opening more fronts in the war against climate change is a moral imperative. The ongoing debate on the Salt Pan Lands needs to be influenced by the grim picture. Let’s not encroach on nature and multiply our problems.

Anand Velayudhan,

Leader qualities

Apropos of Pankaj Vohra’s Time to rework the old magic (November 19), the Congress session has proved that it was planned to highlight Rahul Gandhi, since besides praising him, there was not a single point of public welfare discussed. It seems without the Gandhi surname, the party’s future is bleak. The Congress should motivate other candidates.

Murari Chaturvedi,
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