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Always on the wrong side?

india Updated: May 14, 2012 14:07 IST
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Do you always get into relationships that eventually don’t work out? Take the following quiz to find out whether you are an incompatible person.

When your partner is unable to talk to you properly for consecutive days:
a. You don’t care, since you are busy too.
b. You call him/her up and ask what he/she is upto.
c. You keep a track and thus start getting a little insecure and worried.

When your partner has to go out of town for something important:
a. You make plans with your friends and talk to him/her once he/she is back.
b. You both chat everyday on the phone/Internet.
c. You get upset, feel like breaking up and can’t think of doing anything till he/she returns.

You have been dating your partner for a while now, but he or she has still not introduced you to his/her family.
a. You don’t care because even you have no plans of introducing him/her to your family.
b. You ask him/hercasually if he/she would like to take you to meet his/her friends or family.
c. You assume he/she is not serious about the relationship and fight.

You and your partner are out for dinner or at a club, you see your partner admiring someone of the opposite sex:
a. You don’t care as even you are too busy doing the same.
b. You reprimand them and get their attention.
c. You create conflict and stop communicating with your partner completely.

Would you be terribly upset or even think of breaking up if you felt that you are not part of his/her future.
a. No.
b. Maybe.
c. Yes.

Do you always sarcastically bring up your partners past mistakes or mishaps to make him/her realise his/her faults?
a. No.
b. Maybe
c. Yes.

Most a’s
You like your partner, but at the same time you like your own space and freedom as well. You will be content in a relationship where you need to be detached and which does not require constant emotional attention.

Most b’s
You are very content with your partner and your relationship. You can maintain healthy long-term relationships since you communicate well.

Most c’s
You treat your relationships like rollercoaster rides. Your emotions for your special ones swing from love to hate. You could be perceived as a dominant person.

Live and let live
* Show empathy towards your partner
* Focus on pampering him/her too
* Learn to communicate lovingly and politely
* Love your partner rather than just expecting them to show love all the time

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