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America invaded Iraq on false premises

india Updated: Jun 12, 2007 05:07 IST

America invaded Iraq on false premises

Apropos of Vir Sanghvi’s his column Vox Populi (June 2), though the US and its allies invaded Iraq, there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. George Bush will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever. Tony Blair has already met his Waterloo well before he has quit 10, Downing Street. Both of them conspired to destroy one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. It will take generations before Iraq truly rebuilds itself.

MK Bajaj, Chandigarh


The main motive of the US in invading Iraq was to get over its oil resources. The UN, whose task it is to ensure peace, should have stopped America from going in to another country on a flimsy pretext.

Piyush Bengani, via e-mail

Forgotten Millions

Karan Thaper in Pertie and the Prime Minister (June 3) is right when he says that the need of the hour is to reach 700 million people who are poor, hungry and unfulfilled. Why they are being deprived of even one square meal per day and why are no efforts being made in this direction? Let the government take concrete steps to uplift the masses instead of shredding crocodile tears.

GK Arora, Delhi

Begin at Home

Bittu Sahgal in Taking the tiger by the tail (June 3) suggests that China make permanent the ban on the tiger trade and tiger farms. However, it would be better if before officially suggesting that China exercise a ban, India should review the plight of the big cat in its own reserves. In spite of the official ban on poaching, the trade flourishes and the number of tigers is dwindling by the day. The protection of the tiger’s habitat, mass awareness and the involvement of NGOs with local people can yield positive results only if the ban on the tiger trade is successful and poachers are not allowed to get off scot-free.

Subhash C Shukla, Indore

Immortal Lyrics

There was an error in RM Patwardhan’s article Music Mogul (June 3) on music maestro Naushad. The music director of film Baradari was Nashad, not Naushad. Nashad later on migrated to Pakistan. Patwardhan may well do some research and do a piece on Nashad as well. Ironically, some HMV cassettes too commit the same faux pas and credit the music of Baradari to Naushad instead of Nashad. The lyricist of Baradari was Khumar Barabankvi.

Rajendra Chopra, Faridabad


Naushad was a musical genius. His compositions had a Indian feel about them. He preferred classical Hindustani music. With a limited number of Indian musical instruments at his disposal, he could create masterpieces that are cherished even today. His magnum opus was Mughal-e-Azam. He used Lata’s voice to the fullest extent possible. Rafi also gave his best under his musical baton. Such music directors are born but rarely.

K Venkataraman, Delhi