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American fly

india Updated: Jun 21, 2009 21:13 IST

Aren’t you just heartbroken? After all, everyone thought dear old Barack Obama couldn’t hurt a fly.

Oh, he’s a regular tough guy and what do you know? He can kill the beast with his bare hands, without a swatter or a well-aimed rubberband.

Oh, how can you be so cruel?
Cruel? Do you know how difficult it is to beat a fly with its compound eyes made of thousands of lenses and reaction time of less than a fifth of a second? That Obama might be on to something here...

The buzz is that PETA’s rather upset with this ‘executive insect execution’. They say he’s no Buddha.
Come now, those guys need to be packed off to the Amazonian jungles for a whole new season of Survivor without any insect repellent. Then we’ll see.

I hear even the great Abe Lincoln admitted to having ‘a good many bloody struggles with the mosquitoes’ during the Mexican War, so maybe it’s not so bad.
You’re right. American presidents have long since vented their frustrations on hapless insects. I’d say those mosquitoes were lucky. And so were the Mexicans, for losing Texas and George Bush.

So, you think it’s no big deal, then?
Please, with all these accusations flying around, you’d think he’d swatted someone’s bottom rather than a pesky housefly. Allow the man his moment of glory. Who knows how long it’ll take for him to get Osama.

Do say: Now, let’s try ducking a shoe.
Don’t say: Where was that swatter, again?