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An angry Yeddy bear

india Updated: Mar 21, 2012 16:12 IST

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There must be something about politics that brings out the inner child in people. Just as we were reeling from Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee’s foot-stomping tantrums to get her way with the UPA, comes another endearing show of petulance by our perennial favourite, BS Yeddyurappa, former chief minister of Karnataka.

To be fair to the dear man, unlike Mamata-di, he does not demand different things at different times. He just wants his favourite toy back. We mean the chief ministerial chair, which big, bad party president Nitin Gadkari has taken away. Now he asked for it nicely at first. But no go. Then he threatened to hold his breath. Still no go. So, he has now run away with his followers to a plush resort and is refusing to come back unless he is given his toy. Now Mamata-di has been jabbering about honour and all that jazz. Our Yeddy has no time for all that. He has cut to the chase and said that unless he gets his way, he will huff and he’ll puff and blow away the BJP playground in Karnataka. And he will not wait till the naughty people who took away his chair decide when to give it back. He wants it now, now, now. That’s the way to go. No beating about the bush about consensus, party discipline or good governance. He is disarmingly direct and this is a good quality, mind you, in a politician.

Let us be honest, he is transparent about what he wants and has not cloaked it in any gobbledygook about serving the people and working for development. He just wants what he had so he can be top cat among his playmates again. So when the lads and maybe a lady or two get together to play pass the parcel, or maybe pass the mining rights, Yeddy will keep the parcel firmly in his grip and will be the winner all the time. We think this is reasonable. What we can’t understand is why the BJP is being so difficult about this. If the party keeps up with this sort of denying tactics, Yeddy may have no choice but to form his own party and buy himself a nicer chair. Now that would not sit well with the BJP, would it?