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An egghead writes...

india Updated: Dec 17, 2007 22:30 IST

So how do you like your eggs? Poached, I said. And the chef shuddered. Why, I wondered, for I think to be poached is quite the best thing to happen to an egg. You know how it is with the farmhand foodie types who couldn’t care less for their foie gras? Give them their freshly baked loaves, lots of cheese, ham, sausages and fruits and they’ll be happy to just eat their way through life.

My first love used to be soft scrambled eggs and sausages, with the sausage oil (read: grease) unhealthily reaching out into the scrambled portion. But that was when I was young. With life getting increasingly scrambled and having read too many neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) books, I decided to unhitch my life from the mad scramble. So I turned to sausages and sunny-side-up eggs. Did life get sunnier? But, of course. Work was good; work was fun; there was no stress; lots of ‘great place’ ambience and the rest of what makes a ‘good’ workplace.

But then, realisation dawned that life could be a little more than, well, sausage and eggs. So for a healthy ‘diet’, I started on the nuts. Of course, NLP suggested it would drive me crazy, but I was careful to maintain moderate levels of consumption. But there’s something about roasted peanuts and peanut butter (that is healthy, isn’t it?) that, well, made me tip the balance just so, and it was peanuts all the way. Until I realised that I hadn’t been careful about living my NLP dream and so had been earning peanuts as well as eating them.

While the world was on a diet and going places, I was munching away at nuggets of information on where the media were going. (Nowadays, it’s more about where mediapersons are going, but never mind.) So I stopped the peanut intake altogether. Graduated to cashews. Roasted and salted. Did life get better? Oh, yes. Only by now, the sunny side up was boring me. The sausages were fine, but the poach, the full poach, was beckoning. Alas, the chef said, we have an anti-poaching deal going, I’m afraid.