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An ode to friendship

As many of you would know, the first sunday of every August is celebrated as Friendship Day, but I want to start celebrating from today, writes Akshay Kumar.

india Updated: Jul 29, 2009 20:56 IST
Akshay Kumar

It’s a bright sunny day here in London — just the perfect day to chill out with family after work. But no, I’m not doing that. I am sitting in the wretched hotel room writing this column before the deadline given to me by TKWA (tang karne waali agency, as I now call HT !!) ends.

As I said last week, I never thought I would find myself stuck indoors, busy with, of all the things, writing! But I must confess, after reading hundreds of mails that you guys sent me last week, I’ve begun to enjoy the process till it lasts. Before I go on, I must say that busy schedules do not allow me to write back to each one of you but I want you to know that I’ve read all your letters and they have touched me to the core.

To mention just a few — Savy, love you my cute little fan; Rashida, thanks for writing in from across the border; Shiana, a special hello to your sister Shubham, Akshay, my namesake, hope this name’s bringing you luck as it did to me...and Siddhi, it’s not my driver or watchman writing to you, it is indeed me.

Now to what I have to say today. As many of you would know, the first sunday of every August is celebrated as Friendship Day, but I want to start celebrating from today.

Calling someone a friend is not an excuse to make them do something for your own benefit. Friendship is an excuse to be willing to give anything without the other having to ask. Many people today befriend me for what I am capable of doing for them. But one of my oldest and dearest friends was going through absolute hell and yet he refused to let me find out even a little bit about what was going wrong. He did not want me to use my success, or my influence to better his own life. The man was practically starving but he would rather hold my hand than take anything from it.

This was the most touching experience of my life. I literally cried when I found out. You see, there are so many educated people out there yet so many find it hard to understand what unconditional love really is, the friends I have today loved me as much when I was nothing as they do now that I’m a successful nothing :-) .

Choose your friends with your brains and then love them with your whole heart. Because losing a friend can be worse than losing a job, that’s why we don’t celebrate a ‘happy work day’ and we celebrate a meaningful ‘Friendship Day’. I end with words from the world’s greatest rock band : Friends will be Friends, When you’re in need of love to give you care and attention, Friends will be Friends when you’re through with life, all hope is lost, hold out your hands, Coz Friends will be Friends, right till the end

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