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And, tantriks offer festive bonanza

india Updated: Oct 21, 2006 00:23 IST
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LIKE OTHER business ventures, tantra mantra business has flooded the market with some lucrative Diwali package deals.

Talk about tantriks and you instantly know how even high and mighty flock to these babas to defeat the enemy, weaken the rivals and get rid of oopari chakkar. Baba Samir Khan Bangali, Baba Alishah, Tantra Mantra Samrat Miyan Musa Ji and Baba Jaigurudevji ‘Khatu Wale’ are a few such tantriks who offer occult package deals. While Baba Samir Khan Bangali offers a 10-hr occult package to clients on an All India basis with a 100% guarantee, Baba Alishah goes one step ahead with a similar package but for 9- hours. These babas claim to provide immediate solutions to marital discords, childless couples, joblessness, family feuds and you name it. Some can even take care of people desirous of undertaking foreign trips, people possessed by spirits and all this in 9 and 10-hr packages.

“People come to us from all walks of life and mostly those who have lost faith in almost everything else, including psychologists and psychiatrists. Our work is our challenge. We act as a last resort to people and promise not to disappoint,” reveals an unidentified source at Baba Bangali’s ‘office’ on condition of anonymity. Baba Bangali claims to have knowledge of the famous Bengal black magic while Baba Alishah claims to be a Gold medallist in tantra mantra.  

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘occult’ is the study or the power of black magic, satanic rites, voodoo, etc.

According to SS Bakshi, a prominent city based lawyer, it is the only thing which is really restricted as far as religious practices go. “There are absolutely no restrictions on practising a particular faith. But as far as black magic or invoking a spirit is concerned, specially in a gathering, there are serious aspersions cast.

Even the Constitution of India doesn’t allow such activities”.

Pt. BD Chakravarthy, a practising pujari (priest), who also knows about occult science says,” People who go to tantriks and babas to find a quick fix solution to their problems are themselves committing a sin. No solution to life’s problems can be found by invoking evil spirits”.

The rituals followed by these babas like yellow lemons turning red, piercing voodoo dolls etc seem to resemble some shown in cult Bollywood movies like Aruna Raje’s ‘ Gehrayee’( where Amrish Puri treats the possessed Padmini Kolhapure), Raja Bundela’s ‘Pratha’( where tantrik Ninni Pande played by Irfan Khan performs occult practices on a village belle), Ram Gopal Varma’s Raat( where tantrik Om Puri treats Revathi) or some of the cheap Ramsay movies.   

Psychiatrist PK Trivedi absolutely rubbishes these practices,” These kind of activities draw people away from science,” says Trivedi.

Astrologer S Pandey also has his take on things,” Even our business runs on faith. If people stop believing in star signs and sun signs, where would we go ? But our predictions are based on scientific studies. Occult is also a science, but with negative implications,” concludes Pandey.