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Ankle rankle

india Updated: Mar 03, 2011 12:26 IST

Is this US diplomat Juliet Wurr for real? She thinks that tagging devices are trendy.

Oh, don’t get into such a flap. She is right, what is good eno-ugh for Lindsay Lohan should be good enough for our students.

That is an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, you twit, which Lindsay has to wear so that the judges who let her out know when the lass has a drop too much. Why should Wurr belittle the plight of our students?

What I do feel is that the dear lady should show the way, perhaps she could accessorise the bracelet and make it a brace which she could sport around her neck. That way, we would know if she strays into harm’s way and it would also set a new fashion trend.

You might have something there. She also said that the alternative was jump suits in prison.

Clearly, here is a woman who is on top of fashion. We think that it would send out the right signal if the US embassy were to wear jump suits to work on Saturday, you know, casual chic.

I think this monitoring is a gross invasion of privacy.

Yes, but then we don’t want them wandering into the arms of some other shifty educational institution in the US. But then again, perhaps education providers could also wear anklets so that the ever vigilant US authorities can keep a track of them.

Do say: We are right on track

Don’t say: Should we go for Gucci or Chanel anklets?