Batla House flat still resonates with gunshots that killed MC Sharma

  • Faizan Haidar and Neelam Pandey, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 26, 2013 12:55 IST

Finding an affordable property in Delhi is no child's play. South Delhi's Jamia Nagar is not too different on this front. But there's one flat in this locality that has found no takers in five years.

Flat number 108 of Batla House's L-18 building still resonates with the gunshots that killed Delhi Police officer MC Sharma and two 'terrorists'. So much so that wary of getting involved in the case just by living there, no one is ready to buy the flat or even take it on rent.

After the Ghaziabad-based owner failed to find any tenant for the house, he put it up for sale, residents claim. But there were no buyers.

When an HT team visited the house, it was locked and covered by dust.

But it seems the house will soon find a new owner. One of the neighbours, a property dealer, plans to purchase it and end the suspense of what it looks by throwing it open for the public.

"Now that the verdict is out, I intend to buy the property and show to all of you that it is impossible to escape from the police. The police has framed the man by claiming that he escaped from the house. I have been in touch with the owner, who lives in Ghaziabad, regarding the property and I have decided to say yes to him," said Qayamuddin, the property dealer.

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While a few families living in other flats of the building have left, some of them continue to live there. They were too scared of talking about the episode, fearing they may land in trouble.

Many local residents said the building turns into a tourist spot whenever the issue of Batla house hots up. "Whenever our friends come to visit, all they want to see is L-18. It is sad that Batla House is now known only for the encounter. I want this perception to change and it will only be possible when people will see the house and realise that the police's theory is false," Qayamuddin added.

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