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Be a result specialist

To keep the income flowing, we need to be able to deliver results under all conditions, reports VK Madhav Mohan.

india Updated: Dec 19, 2007 23:09 IST

There is a strong correlation between education and income. Here's a unique way to look at it. Education creates a vast reservoir of knowledge and equips us with concepts, tools and techniques. It also trains us, importantly, to learn and acquire new knowledge continuously.

Therein lies the rub! If we don't utilise our ability to learn, we are risking two dangers. One, we lose our ability to learn since unused faculties atrophy. Second, since the stock of human knowledge is expanding at quickly thanks to the digital revolution, our static personal storehouse of knowledge is constantly being rendered marginal at best and obsolete at worst. The insights of new knowledge could even prove out old knowledge downright wrong!

In such a dynamic world, how do we keep our income flowing? The answer is as simple as it is unforgiving: continuously deliver results. Everywhere, results separate the winners from the losers. Quite simply, we are paid for results. The all important question will pop up sooner or later: is this person adding value, contributing, delivering results? If the answer is yes, income continues to flow and if the answer is no, the income flow is abruptly stopped.

To perpetuate our income flow is to guarantee our survival. To do that we need to be able to deliver results, all the time, under all conditions. That's where education is relevant. We need to mine our education constantly to deliver results. Where we need new tools, we must utilise our ability to learn the new tools and deliver results.

It's about time we stopped looking at ourselves as specialists. We have to look beyond and realise that our knowledge has one overriding purpose: to create value for someone who is prepared to pay us for it. We can only do that by focusing on delivering results all the time, indeed the most important specialisation of all.

We have to stop thinking of ourselves as economists, technologists, scientists or managers and start metamorphosing into Specialists In Delivering Results (SIDRs). Therein lies our continued prosperity!