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Beliefs guide your behaviour

india Updated: Sep 30, 2006 16:00 IST

You have control over
what you believe. According to Lisa Jimenez, author of Conquer Fear, to change your beliefs, you first need to identify and admit your negative beliefs and the fear they represent.    

For, she says, if you change your beliefs, you change your behaviour. And once you change your behaviour, you change your results. Change your results and you change your life.

Self-limiting beliefs are learnt behaviours. Anything that is learnt can be unlearnt as well. A person's behaviour can be changed only by changing the beliefs that cause it.

Begin by listing all the negative beliefs and replacing each one of them with the "empowering truth".

Old belief: There is never enough time.

New belief: Twenty-four hours are enough in a day.
If you prioritise, you can learn to say no, have clear goals and find time to accomplish the most important things. If you think that you have time, you will see that you actually do.

Old belief: I work better under pressure.

New belief: I work best when I allow suitable time to complete tasks.
You may believe that your work improves if pressure acts as a 'motivating' factor. However, if you have ample time to complete a project, you will notice the improvement in your work and creativity as well.

Old belief: Anything worth doing is worth doing perfectly.

New belief: Anything worth doing is worth failing-forward at, until I get it right.
You should not worry if your ideas are laughed at or if you fail to achieve your target the first time round. Rethink your definition of failure and view it as "priceless education".

Old belief: If I say no, people will not like me.

New belief: When I say no to some opportunities, I can say yes to better ones.
If you say no, you can be dedicated to your commitments and will not run off course. You will, thus, be able to do what you want to.

Old belief: Successful people are always busy.

New belief: Successful people live a life they love and are at peace with.
People often think that successful people should look and act busy. Generally, society  equates success with being busy. However, in reality, successful people lead balanced lives.

Sometimes, it is difficult to delegate because you think you will lose control.
So, you overwork yourself. However, when you surround yourself with competent colleagues and let them do their jobs, you grant yourself the freedom to complete your assignment. In addition, says Jimenez, you can watch others shine with their talents.