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Believe and He is there

india Updated: Apr 27, 2011 01:13 IST
Vandana Kaushik

Skeptics doubt the existence of God. It is true that we cannot see Him; yet we can feel His presence everywhere. The only way to experience His closeness to us is total surrender to Him. We can call this Bhakti, faith or devotion.

As long as we have dubious thoughts on His existence, we cannot find peace of mind. Tulasidas says in Ramcharitmanas; “duchit katahun paritosh na lahahi” (those who are double minded can never find peace). A young child trusts his mother completely. He is not afraid to go anywhere with her, holding her hand. He sleeps in his mother’s lap and knows that she is always there to protect him.

We happily travel to places in trains. We feel secure because we trust the driver of the train, who takes us to our destinations. If we can trust human beings with simple skills, then why can’t we trust Him who drives the whole Universe? We don’t see the driver of the train when we travel; yet we know there is a driver. Could we have peace of mind if we doubt the existence of its driver?

All our problems start when we doubt His presence. Our ego forces us to believe that we are the doer, the achiever. Because we can’t see God, it becomes difficult for us to perceive Him. We can’t perceive God because we are tiny parts of the Whole and from our angle we can never see the Whole. We spend our entire lives feeling lonely and helpless and, not knowing our real role in the drama of life, for we have not trusted the director who works from behind the screen.

Once we completely trust the Master, we can know the purpose of our life. With the trust come humility, compassion, understanding and finally peace. Things fall in place like pieces of a grand puzzle and we see our lives as tiny bits in the puzzle. Even if we don’t trust Him still, He will not leave us helpless because God loves all His children like a loving and a caring mother.