Bengaluru auto driver booked for ‘racially abusing’ north eastern girl

  • ANI, Bengaluru
  • Updated: Apr 28, 2016 16:03 IST
(Representative image) A north eastern girl has accused an auto driver in Bengaluru of racially abusing her (Picture courtesy: Shutterstock)

A north eastern girl, on Thursday, accused an auto driver in Bengaluru of racially abusing her. She said the driver accused cursed her for belonging to a north eastern state and asked her to go back.

“The driver was asking for double fare when my friend and I were looking for an auto around 11pm. After we refused, we were trying to book a cab and the driver, who was standing behind, started abusing me in Kannada. I could understand what he was saying because I’ve been living here for sometime,” the girl alleged.

The girl said that auto driver used a racist remark and was about to hit her.

“I went to him and asked him what was he saying and then he got angry and started shouting. I was talking in Hindi and he said that ‘this is Bengaluru, you cannot speak in Hindi’. I retaliated and he almost took his shoes off and tried to slap me but my friend stopped it.”

According to the girl, the auto driver said, ‘You northeastern people come to Bengaluru... go back to Delhi.”

The victim said that there were around 50 people present there at the time but nobody came to help them.

The auto driver was booked earlier today on charges of racially abusing the girl, who lodged an FIR at the Koramangla Police Station.

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