BJP made Art 370 an issue for coming to power: Yogendra Yadav

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Jammu
  • Updated: May 10, 2015 20:42 IST

Former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav on Sunday criticised the BJP for raising the issue of abrogating Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

Taking to reporters here, Yadav said, "Article 370 in J&K was a responsible and well thought decision and in special situations special provisions are required. This is a very good provision. The article is not only limited to J&K, special provisions were also made for Mizoram, Sikkim and earlier in Hyderabad."

Taking a dig at the BJP for playing politics on the issue, Yadav said, "The party (BJP) which all along made this a big issue and always advocated abrogation of Article 370, now is completely mum on the issue. For the second time, the BJP has come to power at the Centre, but they never brought any proposal in the Parliament to abrogate the article. It seems the issue was just raised to come to power."

On creating separate clusters for the Kashmiri Pandits, he said, "A victim must get to choose, what he thinks is the best solution for him. But in my view it is not a good idea."

On the opposition by separatists against such townships, Yadav said, "Kashmiri Pandits were the victims of the situation and it was not of their making. So, they should be allowed to make their choice. The issue should be left to them to choose and nobody should dictate them."

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