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Blog extract: marriedwifeblog

india Updated: Jul 29, 2009 14:11 IST

My married life

I love my hubby dearly...but I still see other men...this NOT a place for evangelists against cheating...this is for others, women and men like myself who are sometimes a little perplexed that society says you can have either one or the other

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Never being satisfied
I'm not sure I have a point to this blog, but I do have time so I should write something.

AM my temporary lover has returned to his home country. Of course I miss him but in many ways its a good thing. AM was a temporary thing and couldn't really be more. Don't get me more the sex was awesome but there was no next level - Something which worries differently - Is my relationship with JM about finding new levels? I find that strange in a way - Why if what I was looking for was a wonderfully simple sexual partner without added dimensions and complications did I feel that way towards AM? Do we always want more, irrespective of what we have? Maybe it was just that I knew he was going to leave inevitably?

These are the questions that intrigue me. I'm writing them here as a way to reflect in months to come (when I'm wiser :) ) and for my friends to consider and offer their comments.

Anyway I did manage to get away and spend two nights with AM before he left. It was wonderful - I think we both wanted to get as much out of each other as possible before he left. Grabbing from the cornucopea (What a word :) spelling?) of copulation. It was an amazing two nights and a day. (let me know if I should write more on it - not in that mood today)