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Break the cocoon

india Updated: Oct 30, 2011 23:17 IST

The condition of almost every human being in the world today is such that he/she has feelings of insecurity and is scared and cocooned. In limited spheres, these cocoons help you protect yourself but when your longing reaches for other dimensions, the same things which were protecting you become a huge restriction.

For example, when you were a little kid, your parents protected you. It was nice and you enjoyed the protection and comfort of being hugged and held in their lap; but once you grew up a little, you wanted to get off their lap and run around. If they had continued to hold you on their lap, you would have started struggling and hating that which held you down.

These cocoons have happened because of the structures that we have built over a period of time. These structures are what we call karmas. In India, we call them vasanas or samskaras.

It means that you build limited structures around you. These structures were essential for your survival, but because your whole focus was on survival, you strengthened these structures so much that after some time, this structure which protected you is restricting you.

You do not want it now but you do not know how to get rid of it. It is just like closing the window to protect yourself from the sun and dust. Once the weather changes, you want to open the window but if the bolts are stuck, you cannot open it. Then desperation comes in.

Whatever the spiritual processes, we start on all the levels of body, mind, emotion and energy so that slowly all these dimensions are handled. But one thing which is easily at hand for you is the mind and emotion. Making yourself mentally open is fundamental and very crucial because this is something that is immediately in your hands.

Your energy is not in your hands; you do not know how to open it. Even with your physical body, you do not know how to keep it open. But mind is something that you can consciously open.