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Breast fixation!

Men just can't get enough of 'twin assets', writes Nirmika Singh.

india Updated: Jun 20, 2006 12:19 IST

No prizes for answering this simple question:

What is the first thing men like to look at in a girl's body? Yup, you got it right! It is those beautiful pair of 'twin assets', which men just can't get enough of. This ogling obsession is so maddening among men that it leaves the ladies feeling horribly embarrassed.

Try travelling in a local bus or taking a walk down that road. Watch out for what men are watching at so keenly. And you'll know what I'm talking about. Read on and you'll agree with me...

The other day, I was on a bus to college, struggling to hold on to something to keep myself from falling down. Making the matter even more terrible was this old man sitting on a seat who has eyes practically glued to my "you know what". The nasty guy was so impudent that he kept on ogling despite receiving some angry glares from my side. So you see, it's not just young men but even oldies who like to eye the cheese without any shame or hesitance.

Some perverts even try to feel what they're looking at. I'm sure every girl who's travelled in a bus, local train or any public transport can reveal

"It's almost creepy to feel that dirty look from a dirty man on your body. Yuck!"

harrowing tales of how men try and get up close and personal with women passengers. Every time I see a man staring at me or any other women, I feel like punching him hard on the nose and ask him, "what man?" It's almost creepy to feel that dirty look from a dirty man on your body. Yuck! 

And it is not just these crazy fellows on the bus who love to ogle. Some months back, I had to go for an interview. You wouldn't believe it, but the boss, supposedly a learned man, couldn't resist looking at me 'there'. Imagine a terrifying interview and add to it an ogler for a boss. I came out of the room with a disgusting feeling. Even the local shopkeeper greets with a lustful smile when you go to buy bread and butter.

Have you noticed that practically every man whom you meet looks at your breasts first even before looking at you straight in the eye? And there are some who look at your face first (trying to be decent!) but the gaze shifts down almost immediately, leaving you feeling so disgusted!