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‘Can’t follow your conscience in politics’

  • Ankita Ganguli, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 19, 2013 14:44 IST

Jiten Singh is the corporate executive chef at Amour Bistro on Malcha Marg, Delhi. Fond of making eggs and breakfast for his family, he started his journey as a chef when he was a kid.

While talking to HT on Webisode 3 of 'If I were an MLA', the 33-year-old says social networking is the only key to approach people.

Read on.

How satisfied are you with your current MLA’s performance?
Jiten: I hardly get to see any development in my area. Early morning I see a lot of digging work going on and when I go back home after work the digging is still in progress, it does not let me get lost. It makes me feel that I am somewhere near home.

How important is legislative assembly to you?
Jiten: I think it is pretty important. On a serious note, if an MLA starts attending the assembly then issues concerning particular areas will get resolved.

How will you manage the campaign within the given EC expenditure limit?
Jiten: In order to manage the EC expenses and having a right control over them we should hire less number of vehicles than it is required and instead use bicycles as they Eco- friendly.

How important is social networking in your campaign?
Jiten: Social networking is the only key to approach people, to share thoughts and most importantly to reach the mass.


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