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Can you 'be positive' all the time?

Ever run out of positive juices? Ever find it impossibly difficult to pursue positive thinking? If you do, you're not the only one. Shruti Moghe explores latest fad amongst the Gen Ys and Zs...

india Updated: Jul 09, 2009 15:58 IST
Shruti Moghe

Ever run out of positive juices? Ever find it impossibly difficult to pursue positive thinking all the time? Ever need positive thinking as a spine to evade bad times?

No matter where you go today, somebody or other will preach you to 'be positive', especially if you are in a bad phase of your life. As if a state called 'bad phase' shouldn't exist at all and it's sinful to be angry.

A nasty day at work, a bullheaded boss, indifferent state of affairs at home or just another bad experience with the cranky public transport: no reason seems to be less for showing up gloomy nature. These unwelcome pressures are enough to keep prolonged positivity at bay. All you can do is may be get sufficiently worked up and vent it out later in your own ways.

Being merry is not always possible and this is more a 'universal fact' now. Negativity at some point seeps in declaring its existence and you have to embrace it whatsoever. So just flow in the low ebb once without thinking much, it'll only end up making you feel better. Remember, you are no saint..!

You can certainly not be happy about your son throwing you into an old age home. Can you? And what about a bad heartbreak? What's so pleasing about it? Can't you just cry, be sad and move on? Positivity is nothing but a means of self gratification that can only come after an intense bout of misery and dejection.

So what should a sane and intelligent mortal, who is constantly under scanner to be upbeat, do? He doesn't have too many options here. Either he can behave like a superficially positive being or he might just choose to flow with the prevailing negativity and handle the situation accordingly, not posing as a potential threat to the surroundings, of course. The second one seems more rational. The first one being desirable. Desirability overshadows rationality if you are in office. (You wouldn't want to upset your boss!) If you are a boss, you'll end up bossing even more. But never mind, things would change, for you and for others around you too.

Interestingly, it's said about happiness that we can only pursue it and may be actually never have it. No matter what. This holds true for positive thinking as well. So be it!