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Celebrating crime

india Updated: Dec 10, 2006 23:33 IST

An unhealthy trend has developed in which people charged with and convicted of serious crimes are being feted as heroes. A recent example is Navjot Singh Sidhu who has been sentenced to three years imprisonment. The manner in which he is being celebrated makes a mockery of the judicial process. I was startled and disturbed to hear that the BJP is planning to use him to campaign for the party in Punjab. This betrays utter insensitivity towards the family of the victim.

Shanti Bhushan, Noida

Chalk and cheese

The editorial Musharraf’s fantastical four (December 7) is right in suggesting that the idea of joint supervision of Kashmir is a non-starter. Pakistan is a theocratic State founded on the belief that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together in peace. India is founded on the notion of peaceful coexistence of all religions. The very ideal of Pakistani nationhood is based on an adversarial relationship with India. In these circumstances, it is impossible to cooperate on Kashmir.

PL Bakhshi, Delhi

Blight lights

Domestic consumers use power for a few hours at dusk and dawn when it is most needed (Time-of-day metering system may see light of day, December 6). Power companies want to devise ways of selling this at a premium to cover up for their profligacy. This is coercion. They should be taken to task by the authorities. If they do not shape up, the field should be opened up to other players.

Tushar Raina, Delhi

Politics in cricket

Experts are quick to dismiss the Indian team every time they come up with a dismal performance as happened in South Africa. The implication is that there is no potential in the Indian team. Every player and team goes through a bad patch. But this does not mean that they should be written off. Take the case of Sourav Ganguly. Given the chance and encouragement, he has come up a stellar performance in South Africa.

Rajesh Meena, Allahabad

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