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Chetan Bhagat blasted in magazine, trends on Twitter

india Updated: Aug 10, 2012 17:55 IST

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Chetan Bhagat has become synonymous with controversy. Close on the heels of his latest book release, What Young India Wants, he is in the centre of another storm. This time the reason is a dismissive column by Tehelka's Shougat Dasgupta in which he has not only ripped apart his work but also labelled him as an 'unthinker'.

Dasgupta has peeled off the carefully crafted celebrity persona of the author provoking the writer to defend himself on Twitter.
Referring to the article in Tehelka, Bhagat tweeted, "I like Tehelka. Here's a nice ranty piece about me. Wish the guy just said 'I don't like you CB!'"

Disparaging Bhagat's non-fiction writing, Dasgupta wrote, "Bhagat is adept at corporatespeak, bland pabulum that appears to be reasonable, but is buzzword piled upon truism piled upon platitude, a tower built on the soft, tremulous sands of cliché. A Bhagat column makes a house of cards seem as substantial as the pyramid at Giza."

To this the writer responded by saying, "Mr wise journo asked why i sold so much. i said maybe lucky or destiny. he calls answer 'mix of popular hinduism and corporate speak.' wow! (sic)"

The best-selling author is controversies' favorite child. Not long before, he was caught in a Twitter scandal, after tweeting an inappropriate joke on Father's Day. He was also embroiled in a Twitter war with Salman Rushdie when he tweeted, "Just as some food items are labelled fat-free, I wonder if one day books will have stickers that say fatwa-free", in reference to Rushdie's book the Satanic Verses.

As he basks under this well-timed Twitter attention, take a look at the top 10 tweets on the recent controversy.

Shougat Dasgupta tehelka article reflects the fuss and fear about Chetan Bhagat novel one night at the call centre. #creppy&jealous

Shougat Dasgupta figured out the only way people are gonna actually read him is to write a piece bashing Chetan Bhagat

Shougat Dasgupta of Tehelka calling Chetan Bhagat "not a thinker" is like Pakistan calling Scandinavian countries corrupt.

When the number at the back of the T-shirt in your DP is higher than your IQ, you shouldn't be tweeting about intellect Chetan Bhagat

Some people are out to make a martyr out of Chetan Bhagat. At this rate, he'd soon be known as Che Bhagat.

Chetan Bhagat to Shougat Dasgupta - "Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di!"

Chetan Bhagat is what Shougat Dasgupta could never become - a successful writer, read by millions."

that journo must've googled a lot or eaten an encyclopedia 2 get those mumbo jumbo words. your english is much more sane!

Yes Shougat Dasgupta, Chetan Bhagat is using his 'fame' to address the nation. Rahul Gandhi uses his 'surname' to do the same.

Shougat Dasgupta said nothing new ,was able to prove nothing yet trending ,in true pseudo intellectual 'istyle'...!