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Close to the bone

india Updated: Nov 30, 2009 22:29 IST

One man’s meat is from another man’s petridish, if a new Netherlands effort to grow meat in labs goes any further. If they do, you may soon be chomping pork chops that have been grown using extracted cells from a live pig and mixed with the broth of other animal products. This abomination is apparently called soggy pork and is bound to put a dampener on those of us who are genuine meat eaters.

Scientists have yet to taste the new concoction but this development raises several questions. If your objection, as is that of the militants from Peta, is to eating flesh, how do you stomach anything which looks and tastes like it? How also can you tell whether it’s come from a petridish or the hind of an animal? Can these killjoys in the laboratory produce a rare steak complete with its bloody rivulets?

Will it contain the protein that we need to write editorials like this? And, of course, that old chestnut climate change
is being cited as the reason to bring down real meat production with its attendant methane adding to the greenhouse gases.

We don’t suppose that the fact that the project is backed by a sausage manufacturer who has got two million pounds from the Dutch government and is seeking more public funds has anything to do with this sudden desire for ethical consumption. So our advice is simple. If you don’t like the thought of eating a dead animal, stick to munching on cabbage leaves and cherry tomatoes. Don’t waste public money trying to grow your own meat that we cannot imagine will come as cheap as that of a grazing animal. But will there ever be a meating of minds on this one? Yes, it’s puns like that one that gives us non-veggies such a rotten rep.