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Closet bargain hunters

india Updated: Aug 01, 2012 14:39 IST

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House rent burning a hole in your pocket? Thankfully, you can save on the furniture. Here’s where to find the best deals in town Bargaining techniques.

Gauge the seller’s behaviour
* Did he call out to you three times while you walked way? If yes, then you stand a chance of getting a bargain. When he drops the price to half, know that you are now at the original figure.

* Was he occupied and not at all

Interested when you approached?
If yes, then he either knows his stuff is worth the high price or he’s just stuck up. Quote a lower price. Be sweet. If it works, cool; if not, walk. He doesn’t care.

* Did he stand up when you arrived?
If yes, then this guy probably isn’t the owner. Look for someone who is in a position to bargain and get down to it. Either way, curb your excitement. Don’t look too enthused about something or they’ll know you want it at any cost.

* Strike a deal. If you’re buying more than one item from the same stall, then rub it in. Insist on a lower price because you are buying things in bulk. Numbers matter.

What to look for in second-hand furniture
* For beds/tables/sofas: Check the condition of the base and ask the seller for a guarantee of sorts. A word goes a long way.

* For cabinets/cupboards: Open-close the doors at least 10 times to see they don’t fall off. Usually the sellers do this for you.

* For wooden furniture: Look for broken edges and chipped sunmica. You can haggle more if you don’t mind some damage. Get them to varnish it for you.

Online furniture deals
* Log on to Facebook and become a member of Flats without brokers. If you don’t find a roommate, you may find decent second-hand furniture. Otherwise, take a look at: