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Clutter-free area

india Updated: Aug 22, 2009 16:04 IST
Raman Datta

Clutter refers to possessions that one either doesn’t use after a point or doesn’t care for. These are things that we believe may one day be useful, like broken items that we intend to get repaired, spares that we accumulate for a possible breakdown, or unwanted gifts.

Everything that we possess has its own vibration and is energetically connected to us. When the daily utility of items ceases to be charged by usage, their accumulated Chi energy begins to clog and interfere with the flow of energy in our homes and life. You have to think whether what you own is worth the vibrational wait that it puts on you in terms of your health, your spirit, your intellect and your emotions.

Keeping things simple is the key. Having our wardrobes, drawers and kitchen cupboards filled with regularly used items that bring us joy is far better than having too much. Remember that everything that we own has the potential to raise and heighten our Chi. Anything you don’t either love or need is officially clutter. If it is not something that you need or love, you need to get rid of it. Things you love are those things that make you happy when you see them.
Clutter leads to health problems and where it is stored determines its impact.

Attic: This area corresponds to our head and face, and may lead to strokes, head injuries, migraines, eye-related problem and insecurity.

Basement: This area corresponds to the lower portion of the body i.e. bladder infections, difficult pregnancies or problem in conceiving, vaginal infections, prostate problems, menopausal problems, illness of the blood, gout, foot and leg problems etc. The foundation of your house, each floor above it, and the foundation of your health are affected by whatever is stored in your basement.

Clutter found in the various directions of space affects the corresponding elements in one’s life.

If clutter is found in the southwest or northeast or throughout your home, the eart element is being affected. This indicates a tendency to worry about oneself and affects the stomach, spleen and pancreas.

If the west or northwest are cluttered, the element metal is being affected. This spurs a conflict over issues of control. It may also cause problems of lungs and the intestine.

If clutter is found in the north, the element water is being affected. This indicates a tendency to hide one’s feelings, and problems in the kidney and bladder.

If the clutter in the east or southeast, the element wood is being affected. This reveals a tendency to become confused and indecisive, and points to anger and to problems affecting the liver and gallbladder.

If the clutter is found in the south, the element fire is being affected. This indicates heartburns, moodswings, and problems affecting the heart, digestion system and the immune functions.

Raman Datta is a Delhi-based feng shui and vaastu consultant. Call: 9810155835