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Confused in comrades’ own country

india Updated: Oct 23, 2007 20:47 IST

Those of you who know your chaos theory know about the ‘butterfly effect’ — a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon and tiny changes in the atmosphere are created that ultimately cause a storm over Mumbai. The ideological equivalent of that has just been spotted in Kochi and it makes for awesome trans-geographical viewing. The Communist Party of China (CPC) has, in an amendment to its constitution, mentioned the word ‘religion’. Understandably, the communist intelligentsia of Kerala is working up a froth.

While the director of China’s State Administration of Religious Affairs has patiently explained that the insertion of the ‘R’ word shows that the CPC is “sincere, and capable, of its implementation of policies on the freedom of religious beliefs,” our desi comrades in Non-God’s Own Country are wondering whether China’s apostasy is our apostasy.

The problem with most of our Marxists is that theory leads them by the nose. Such thinking, earlier connected to the Soviet Union, now connected to China, is ironically theological, akin to Catholic priests debating on how many angels can stand on a pin. China’s newfound awareness of the Greater-than-Mao Helmsman has led to confusion here at home. Now what will happen if Chinese communists say that the India-US nuclear deal is a good thing? The mind doesn’t boggle.