Congress politicising the Pathankot attack is unfortunate: BJP

  • PTI, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 04, 2016 19:37 IST
BJP says it is unfortunate that Congress is politicising the Pathankot attack and terrorism is a more than a three-decade-old problem and we have inherited it from Congress. (AFP)

By questioning the government’s handling of the Pathankot attack Congress was politicising the issue, alleged BJP on Monday and retorted saying that those responsible for the problem of terrorism should not question those trying to solve it.

“This is very unfortunate that when the operation is still on, Congress is doing politics over it. It will be better if we do not politicise terrorism. Terrorism is more than a three-decade-old problem and we have inherited it from Congress.

“Our government is constantly working to solve it. Congress should introspect. Those who are responsible for the problem should not question the one trying to solve it,” BJP secretary Shrikant Sharma said.

He said India will respond to those responsible for terrorism in India in “their own language” but reacted cautiously to the possible impact of Pathankot attack on the Indo-Pak dialogue, noting a decision will be taken “at the right time”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked hard to build a global opinion against terrorism and those “desperate” with it as well as India’s economic progress are behind the terror attack, he said.

BJP sources said the government’s decision to start dialogue with Pakistan was driven by its intentions to show the world that it wanted peace with the neighbouring country and Modi’s surprise stopover in Lahore was a part of these efforts.

The NDA government has, however, kept the focus on terrorism, they said, citing the primacy given to it by Modi in his talks across the world as well in the engagement with Pakistan.

“The major countries across the world should know that we are a victim of terrorism and that we have done our best to engage with Pakistan so that we get their support in our future actions,” a source said.

“We believe in talks but there will be zero tolerance against terrorism,” the source said.

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