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Contentious claims

india Updated: Mar 23, 2007 00:09 IST

Indrajit Hazra in All ifs, some buts (March 22) has done little except further extend the life of the inanities propounded by Rahul Gandhi. One wonders why he cut short an open-ended discourse with Rajiv Gandhi opening the locks of the Babri masjid since the dispute did not begin with it. One wishes the politicians and media had displayed the sagacity of some Muslim outfits which rejected Rahul Gandhi’s claim as something that happened in the past and which is no longer a political issue.

JM Manchanda
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Stabilise Iraq

Apropos of the editorial Hopscotch in Iraq (March 21), a military solution is not the right option as is clear from what is going on there. When there’s sectarian violence, the Iraqi people will not rally around a strong, democratic government. The only way to make Iraq stable is to make it a decentralised federal country which ensures breathing space for Sunnis, Shias and Kurds.

PN Shali
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Fundamental flaws

I do not agree with Manoj Joshi’s views in Martial artist (March 21) that Pakistan’s neighbours have important stakes in its ability to eliminate Islamic radicalism. In fact, the very foundation of Pakistan was built on fundamentalism, which has been nourished ever since. The instinct of all the governments in Pakistan has been to support religious bigotry towards neighbours like India and Afghanistan. India has been extending the olive branch to the Pakistani leadership but has been rebuffed every time. Whoever comes to power in Pakistan will follow the same line as before.

OP Tandon
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Curb corruption

With reference to Neelesh Misra’s article Funding a bad habit (March 20), it is clear that democracy in India has become demono-cracy. With the advent of globalisation, it is time for both the government and people to stand up to any kind of corruption.

Medha Manjary
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