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Country over politics

india Updated: Jun 08, 2008 22:35 IST

In the middle of all the din over the oil price rise, we must not ignore the fact that the UPA has decided to hike fuel prices in the full knowledge of the negative publicity it may generate for it. Considering we are galloping towards general elections, this is a bold step and it is bound to harm the UPA’s prospects. The move has earned it a reputation of being the government which chose to safeguard the country’s well being over its own political longevity. Now that the price rise has been considerably minimised by waiving sales taxes and providing state subsidies, this move may well boost the UPA’s overall image.


A monumental waste

Attacking Loksatta editor Kumar Ketkar’s residence was an extreme act of vandalism and the perpetrators should be punished severely. Ketkar was right in criticising the state government’s plans to install a statue of Shivaji some metres into the Arabian Sea. A vast financial deficit, severe power crisis and the issue of farmers’ suicides are looming large on the horizon. The state government, without making any attempt to alleviate these problems, plans to squander public money for the silly purpose of erecting a giant statue. This is a criminal waste of public money and people should come out en masse to protest.

Sandeep Ghiya, Mumbai

Obama’s dilemma

Barack Obama, the Democratic Party candidate for the US Presidential election must be careful if his rival Hillary Clinton decides to opt for the vice-president’s post. If the Democrats win, there is always a possibility that Bill Clinton will become an influential figure in the administration, given his clout in politics. In that case, Obama may not have a free hand in decision-making.


Centrist BJP

The national executive meeting of the BJP has thrown up a consensus that the party should follow a more centralist political line instead of a rightist one. This shows that the BJP is apprehensive of falling short of a majority in the forthcoming elections. The party is also silent on how it would like to address critical issues like inflation, the fuel price hike and farmers’ woes.

H.N.Sinha, Delhi

Statue status

If the statue of someone of Mahatma Gandhi’s status can be relegated to a position near a waste-bin (Tussauds sidelines Gandhi, June 6), the statues of Indian popular icons could well be consigned to the dustbin once they fade from public memory. The India government should request the museum not to display the statue of Gandhi again in order to avoid future embarrassment.

Shanti Prakash Karir, via email