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Cowed down by the Greens

india Updated: Sep 08, 2008 22:19 IST

A new incarnation of ecological evil-doer has come into our midst. The politically correct have hounded smokers to the verge of extinction and have now found a new target to tear to shreds. Yes, if you happened to prefer chicken jaalfrezi to palak paneer, you’re in for trouble. For you have committed that cardinal sin — causing ecological damage. And the first stone has been cast by none other than the United Nations climate change panel chief, R.K. Pachauri, an honorable Indian and a vegetarian.

Meat production, he says, is detrimental to the climate because animal feed produces lots of greenhouse gases. Now you may argue till the cows come home, but they do let off methane gas that is 23 times more effective than carbon dioxide in destroying the ozone layer. if we don’t whack off a few from time to time, we could be overrun by livestock who may foul up the atmosphere with methane.

Many of you may be quite happy to traipse around a world full of noxious methane fumes in the greater cause of the ozone layer. But for many others, give them this day their daily tenderloin and rack of lamb. We may be going in the teeth of opposition here, but at least we’ll have something to sink our teeth into.