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Curb winter blues with warm blooms

india Updated: Oct 16, 2010 19:06 IST
Aroma Sah

When beautification of your house is on your mind, the thought of flowers and green potted plants does not stay away. And with gloomy winters round the corner, we give guide you with the flowers and plants that can glam up your house with least effort during this season. If you want to go exotic then visit your local nurseries as they stock flowering plants such as tulips, lily — that are mostly found in Europe, and add a classy touch to the home. Here are a few plants that work well in this weather:

Peace Lilies are easy to grow, require little maintenance and have a beautiful foliage. If your Peace Lily isn’t blooming, simply move it near a window that gets bright light. They also like to have moist soil, but not soggy wet.

Plumerias (Frangipani), also known as the Lei flower, grow to be large shrubs or even small trees. These flowers are treasured for their durability, fragrances and different colours.

Boston Ferns should be watered on a regular basis for the soil to remain moist. Distilled water is preferred over tap water for them. Maintaining proper levels of temperature and humidity are necessary for successful growth.

Anthurium, also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower (Flamingo Lily) or Tail Flower, need to be watered thoroughly and allowed to dry slightly before watering again to prevent root damage.

Philodendron has been used as houseplants as far back as Victorian times. It is popular for the ornamental foliage. Its flowers have spathes that come in different shades of purple, pink, red, or greenish-white.

Adenium, popularly known as desert roses, has an unusual trunk that looks like an upside-down flower pot. While the plant is very heat tolerant, it cannot be left out in the cold.

Plants bring colour and add life to the interiors of the house. Jasleen Kochhar of Bougainvilla Design says, “Plants look great at the entrance to lobbies, sitting areas, consoles and even on the sidewalks. Plants can be placed on the side tables and, in between couches, to add relief and life to the settings. Plants are great in an indoor study and even on the kitchen windowsill!”

When decorating the house with flowers, opt for myriad colours. BR Saini, a gardening enthusiast says, “The more the merrier.

Try and use all the seven colours of the rainbow.” Two to three feet above ground level is the best height for the placement of flowers. “This way they stay away from the dust, it is easier to clean the floor and they get best visibility,” adds Saini. But with the height, care should be taken to have provisions to water and air them regularly.

Plant care
Love them:
Treat the plants like your kids. Love and affection is the most effective way of helping the flower plants flourish

Care for it: While buying plants, be careful about knowing its correct care and maintenance. It is very important to know how often to water and what kind of container to pot them in

Health wise: One must check that the plant is in a healthy condition, before buying. Leaves should be inspected properly. Also, do check under the surface for any pests

Root it: The roots are the other important things to check for, when buying a plant. The plant should not be root bound, else the container will have to be changed and potting soil
will have to be added

Overdose: Over-feeding the plant can be injurious to its health