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Curse of accumulation

india Updated: Feb 28, 2012 23:01 IST
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The nature of the mind is always to accumulate. When it is gross, it wants to accumulate things, when it becomes a little more evolved, it wants to accumulate knowledge. When emotion is dominant, it wants to accumulate people.

When a person starts thinking or believing that he is on a spiritual path, then the mind starts accumulating the so-called spiritual wisdom. Maybe, it starts gathering the guru's words but until one goes beyond the need to accumulate — whether it is food, things, people, knowledge or wisdom — it means there is an insufficiency. This feeling of being insufficient has entered into this unbounded being only because somewhere you got identified with limited things that you are not.

One basic culprit behind this attitude has been your education. It always taught you how to gather more things. With what you gather in your mind – whether it is local gossip or scientific knowledge or so-called spiritual wisdom – you can make a living and maybe enhance the physical quality of life around you to some extent, but it is incapable of liberating you.

The web of bondage is constantly being woven only by the way we think and feel. Whatever we are calling as awareness is just to start creating a distance between yourself and all that you think and feel. Sadhana is an opportunity to raise your energies so that you can tide over these limitations. To bring the necessary awareness and to constantly cleanse your vessel, there is really no substitute for sadhana (spiritual practices) or inner work. With awareness and constant sadhana, slowly the vessel becomes totally empty. Awareness empties and sadhana cleanses the vessel. When these two aspects are sustained, and emptiness arises, Grace descends upon you. When you are willing to drop all your capabilities and your incapabilities, then Grace happens. It is not something that you can do, you can only allow it to happen. If you become empty enough for Grace to descend, then the Ultimate nature is within reach. It is not tomorrow or another lifetime. It becomes a living reality.