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Cuts and bolts theory

india Updated: Mar 17, 2011 20:44 IST

Diversification is clearly the name of the game for Colombian criminals today. We thought that there would be enough by way of jobs in the Cali or Medellin cartels to keep those inclined to skate on the other side of the law busy. Perhaps the pickings in other places are nothing to sniff at.

In fact, they seem to have been positively heady given the amount of trouble four Colombians took to wash up in distant Delhi to try a somewhat common and garden variety of crime, namely robbery.

The gang came armed with bolt cutters, despite which they breezed past our super sleuths at the airport.

Inexperience gave them away and before you could say Pablo Escobar, our doughty police were upon them.

Evading the US drug enforcement authorities is one thing, but getting the better of our lads in khaki is another ball game altogether.

This is a sad reflection on the feared drug cartels of Colombia who, we thought, ran a tight ship.

With surplus hopheads in the neighbourhood, we thought there would be enough business to ensure jobs for the boys.

Or it could be a cunning ploy on the part of the cartels to move into other trades. And they thought they would start with the basics, like robbery before graduating to higher forms of subversion.

This will be a cause of concern for our homegrown criminals.

It is bad enough that people of their ilk come from neighbouring states for a piece of the action, but when the challenge comes from foreign climes, it really is time to sharpen the tools of the trade.

Whatever next?

The Albanian mafia trying to take over the forged licence trade? All we can do in the circumstances is to retaliate by going to foreign turfs and giving them a run for their money.

So, one of these days, you might just find that a gang of car thieves from say, Muzaffarnagar, have popped up in Bogota for a jolly and a jaunt.

This is globalisation in the real sense of the word. Used bolt cutters, anyone?