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Death at bay!

india Updated: Aug 31, 2011 22:45 IST
Rock Furtado
Rock Furtado
Hindustan Times
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Doomsday prophesies have been around for quite sometime and every generation has gone through one or more such cases.

Why are we scared of death? Is it the scare of the retribution that will follow death?

Currently the big doomsday prophecy that both lay readers and certain section of the scientific community seems to be seized of is December 21, 2012. Discovery Channel airs a programme called Apocalypse 2012 which liberally lifts images from the film 2012. At first glance, the images are frightening ---entire islands disappearing into the sea, entire cities flattening, volcanic regions enveloped in the raptures, tsunamis, earthquakes galore. It is a visual impact that may be well documented.

Many of the current 2012 prophesies are based on the Mayan calendar.

Interestingly, the Mayan calendar stops after December 21, 2012 - and the next thing you hear is that this is the prediction for the end of the world.

But we must take all doomsday prophesies with a barrelful of salt. Humanity is hardy, it will survive earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, pole tilts, atmospheric changes and whatever else. That has been the trend so far.

Certain studies now talk of “oneness” or “singularity” as possibilities of the future. The basic belief is that the human consciousness is constant and the physical body is transient. What if the body itself is permanent as consciousness? Are we in a position to retain a physical body that is constant? Certain studies tell us of clearing the physical bodies of all ageing diseases.

Why do we live only 80 to 100 years in a single physical lifetime? It is because the body cells generate till the age of 20 and degenerates after the age of 20. What if this degeneration is arrested and that we induce hormone balancing act which regenerates cells after the age of 20?

Science and spirituality needs to meet at some point. Maybe, it is a point when human physicality becomes permanent! Death is out and immortality is in!

Is it only a question of time?