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Desire is necessary

india Updated: Feb 15, 2012 23:05 IST
Hindustan Times

Someone told me recently, “All the other Swamis have been telling us to give up desire. You are saying desire for everything. So, will we reach God this way?”

If you say, “I want to attain godhood”, isn’t that a very greedy desire?

Because, if some body desires for a small piece of creation, don’t you call that greed?

Any teaching which is not possible is not teaching; it is all nonsense. So when you talk about giving up your desires, if you create a desire to give up your desire, you are still in desire. So it is a not-possible teaching.

Just because it gets printed in books, just because somebody says it is holy, it does not become right or true. The energy that you call life and the energy that you call desire are not different. No desire means really no possibility for life. So what to do with your desires? Just desire the highest in life. With all your passion, desire for the highest.

The teachings of detachment and desirelessness have come because of the fear of entanglement. A large segment of the population is entangled in something or the other, and entanglement always creates pain and suffering within a person, somebody gave this foolish solution ‘be detached.’ So their solution for life is, ‘avoid it.’ If you want to live, you need involvement.

The fundamentals of either enjoying the process of life or not enjoying the process of life are just this: If you are in anything willingly, that is your heaven. If you are in anything unwillingly, that is your hell.

What is most beautiful can become the ugliest thing if it happens to you unwillingly. So the moment you say, “I want to be detached,” you become unwilling for the process of life; you make a hell out of yourself.

Those who have made a hell out of themselves will invariably make a hell out of the world also. If somebody is joyful, he will make sure that everything around him is like that.