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Dining right

A dining room with good feng shui contributes to health and a strong bond between family members, says Raman Dutta.

india Updated: Jul 19, 2008 17:57 IST
Raman Datta

The dining room is the most soulful room in the house. Sharing meals with loved ones in a beautiful environment is an important ritual. A dining room with good feng shui contributes to health and a strong connection between family members.

According to vaastu, the dining area is best located in the east or west. If it is situated in the kitchen, then try to organise the seating in the western section of the room. If the kitchen is in the northwest side of the house, then the dining area can be placed next to it, on the western side. If the kitchen is in the southeast section of the house, the dining area is best positioned in the east.

Cooking and eating represent two incompatible energies, so it is preferable to have a separate dining area, or at least a clearly defined section of the kitchen. If you have a separate dining area, it should not be far from the kitchen. Also, it should be kept away from the toilet and the front door. Keep the door of the dining room open when not in use, as this encourages Chi to enter the room.

Decorations and colours
There should be soft lighting and no TV. The walls should be painted in soft colours, either a light blue or green. A large mirror on the wall adjacent to the dining table creates the effect of doubling the amount of food served. This is good feng shui, encouraging prosperity.

The sacred centre
The dining table should not be placed in the exact centre of the room, as the energies of the sacred central space could become imprisoned beneath the table or between the feet of the sitters. Position the table either to east or west of the central point.

Table shape
The most important feature of the dining area is the table. The dining table should be rectangular and angled so that you are facing either east or west while eating. Facing east encourages long life, facing west prosperity. It is also perfectly acceptable to face south when eating. But never north.

A circular or oval table will create an abundance of positive energy. This type of table is also said to create the right sort of atmosphere for family communication. The male head of the house should sit in the northwest; the mother in the southwest; while the youngest daughter should sit in the west.

Raman Datta is a Delhi-based feng shui and vaastu consultant. For appointments, call +91-9810155835