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Discover your talent

india Updated: Oct 26, 2006 17:00 IST

Natural talents, says Lisa Jimenez in her book Conquer Fear, are those abilities that come naturally to you. There are certain things you do so well that you do not even have to think about them. To discover your natural talents, do activity one.

Activity one: Write six one-word positives that best describe you. Now ask your spouse, colleagues or children to identify, using one-word positives, what they see as your natural abilities. Do they match with the words you chose?

Your core values motivate your behaviour. These values depend on your personality style and experiences. These make you react in a particular way and affect your emotions, decisions and happiness. When you are aware of your values and make efforts to fulfil them, you feel good.

Suppose you work for a challenging project and that fills you with enthusiasm. This means that the particular task suits your values. For, when your values are fulfilled, you perform well. On the other hand, if you work for a project that drains you and you want it to be quickly over, it indicates that this work does not enable you to satisfy your values. Now, identify your core values through activity two.

Activity two: Write the three most important things in your life. Next, list the most important thing you recently did to show that you value what you put as number one. If your list begins with family and you are very busy with your work, you will feel miserable.

Here are two questions that can help you know the reason for your unhappiness: What are your highest values? Do you  follow those values daily with your thoughts, actions and time?

Activity three helps you discover who you are.
Activity three: Write down the names of three persons, living or dead, famous or not, you look up to. Now, ask yourself why you admire those persons. What qualities do they have what you value? People generally admire others people’s those characteristics that reflect their core values. These activities help you know yourself. It is important to know what you appreciate because this lets you know what you want to become.